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It is only because of problems that we grow mentally and spiritually.

– M.Scott Peck

Connie Edmondson of Edmondson Counseling Services has been providing couple counseling and family counseling services in Oklahoma City OK since 1990. She is dedicated to helping her patients overcome their psychological problems, lead more satisfying lives and achieve better psychological health. She has helped numerous patients deal with difficult life situations and heal from  soul traumas. Connie Edmondson can show you the way to a healthier relationship and finding answers to questions posed by the process of growing up.

Preserve your relationship with the couple counseling that I offer you!

by Rachel Roberts on Edmondson Counseling Services

You are the second psychotherapist & counselor who I am working with, and so far, everything has been excellent. The difference is definitely there, and I am very pleased with the choice I made. Thank you!

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Edmondson Counseling Services
Address: 5009 N Pennsylvania Ave Suite 116 Oklahoma City, OK 73112
Phone: (405) 843-1551

Counseling is a great way to accomplish a greater sense of harmony in a relationship. Edmondson Counseling Services in Oklahoma City OK offers couple counseling services. Connie Edmondson is a counselor who can assist you when your relationship has reached a difficult phase, with which you and your partner can no longer cope by yourselves.

Connie Edmondson offers a comfortable atmosphere, in which you and your partner will be better able to resolve your problem. As a Counselor I can help you with your lifeShe will provide you with an environment where you will be able to relax and concentrate on your issues as a couple. She will encourage both of you to express your feelings. This is the first step to better understand each other. The couples & youth Counselor will help you identify the probable opportunities and options that are available to resolve your family issues. Both you and your partner will have learn to voice your concerns in order to be able to find possible solutions.

Freedom of expression is extremely important for the healing of a couple. Feelings that are suppressed can be a couple’s ruin. However, this expression has to happen in a healthy way, in the form of discussion, and each party must be willing to see the other point of view. Sometimes this happens naturally, but there are cases when external and professional help is required. Just as with any other skills, relationship skills are something you are not necessarily born with, and you have learn them.

However, Connie Edmundson can help even relationships that are not experiencing a crisis. Even if you and your partner are happy with each other, there may be still room for growth. Counseling, in this case will teach you how to learn from  your individual positive qualities. You can count on Connnie Anderson to help you make your relationship even stronger.ed guidance in this process, this will only make things better.

YOUTH are the more important part of our society – keep them safe

Have your teenager be with me at Youth Counseling Service

Proper communication is also essential for the solving of the problems that are typical of youth. Adolescence is a difficult time when many questions arise. Finding answers to them could be a real struggle. However, you or your child do not have to be alone in this process. Connie Edmondson from  Edmondson Counseling Services in Oklahoma City OK is an experienced counselor who can offer expert youth counseling service. She can help you or your child cope with feelings of unhappiness, worthlessness, moodiness, irritability or feelings of emptiness, low self-esteem, guilt and fear.

From  difficulties with concentration, to addictions and suicidal thoughts, Connie Edmondson can help you face and cope with your issues. Make a courageous step towards becoming a better and stronger person by calling Edmondson Counseling Services in Oklahoma City OK at (405) 843-1551. Whether you are seeking individual or family therapy, the psychotherapist & counselor Connie Edmondson is available to provide you with much needed help.