Choose the Right Specialist for Your Personal Success

 All of us feel angry and stressed out sometimes. If you feel pain that won’t go away or you have problems with other people in your life, you might need professional help. In some cases, people feel that their self-confidence can be improved and they need relief from serious medical conditions, like depression and anxiety. In others, couples need expert help to overcome their difficulties and differences. In all cases, hiring a qualified specialist to offer a counseling service is an important decision and has many benefits.

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How to Cope with Lack of Control and Anxiety

How Do You Know You Need a Professional Counseling Service to Solve Your Anxiety Problems?

What is anxiety?

This is a feeling that appears when you no longer have control of your life. In order to regain control, you may lose sleep, have obsessive thinking, or avoid certain situations. These lead to a false sense of taking charge of your life. In reality, they perpetuate the problem. Sometimes, in order to overcome this strong feeling, it may be a good idea to consider booking a counseling service.

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Who is Connie Edmondson and Why Book a Therapy Session With Her?

Are You Looking for a Licensed Counselor That You Can Trust?

Hello friends, welcome to the blog page of Edmondson Counseling Services! I would like to introduce myself and tell you bit more about my couples counseling practice. I believe that in order for a person to establish a good relationship with a therapist and feel comfortable sharing his experience and secrets, it is important to know a bit about this counselor in advance. This is why I would like to give you some information about my education and practice first.

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