Family Therapy

Your individual problems sometimes stem from  how your family functions as a unit. Edmondson Counseling Services in Oklahoma City OK offers family therapy. Your family is so much a part of you that when there are problems with it, you are bound to suffer. Connie Edmondson can help your family to recover from  the hardship and make a new beginning. She understands the important role that family plays in people’s lives and is committed to assisting you to achieve a happy and wholesome family life.

By having me trust I can provide you a family therapy that will change you life for good

Connie Edmondson utilizes different psychological techniques to improve communication, honesty as well as sensitivity between you and your spouse. She encourages open and frank discussion, role-playing, keeping a journal and other important methods that will lead to a better relationship. If a Family Therapy is what you need to safe your marriageThe family therapy of Edmondson Counseling Services in Oklahoma City OK also aims to improve the relationship between children and parents. Connie Edmondson realizes that communication between children and adults can be particularly difficult during traumatic events such as bullying, divorce and the death of a loved one. She helps you work to restore the bond severed in these circumstances. Connie Anderson will show you the way to mutual appreciation of one another, to building a family unit that will provide true support for its members.

Whenever you are experiencing family problems, please don’t hesitate to call the psychotherapist Connie Edmondson of Edmondson Counseling Services in Oklahoma City OK. She is knowledgeable but friendly as well as approachable and can set you at ease. Connie Edmondson has been helping couples and families for 23 years which is why she is more than capable of helping you too. She has the necessary training, qualifications and experience to guide you in your journey to a better family life. Connie is understanding and discreet and will be very delicate when dealing with your family matters.

The importance of having good family relationships cannot be overemphasized, as your family is your major source of strength in this life. Some say that family is not the most important thing, it is everything. Take every possible care of yourself and everything that matters in your life by calling Edmondson Counseling Services in Oklahoma City OK today at (405) 843-1551 to arrange an appointment.