How to Cope with Lack of Control and Anxiety

How Do You Know You Need a Professional Counseling Service to Solve Your Anxiety Problems?

What is anxiety?

This is a feeling that appears when you no longer have control of your life. In order to regain control, you may lose sleep, have obsessive thinking, or avoid certain situations. These lead to a false sense of taking charge of your life. In reality, they perpetuate the problem. Sometimes, in order to overcome this strong feeling, it may be a good idea to consider booking a counseling service.

Anxiety can seem like a mountain that you can never climb, but it does not always have to be this way. Worrying, obsessing, and panic can feel like a free fall with no safe place to land. And where does it end?

  • Breathe. Taking longer, slower breaths naturally calms your body down.
  • Exercise. A regular exercise routine can help ease the natural tension that occurs and is associated with anxiety.
  • Talk. Discussing your problems with an understanding counselor or therapist can help you better understand what is causing these feelings. A professional can give you tools to deal with the lack of control that you currently feel.

Time for a safe landing. If you take advantage of the professional counseling service provided by Edmondson Counseling Services in Oklahoma City, OK, before you know it, you will discover that you have better sleep, your relationship has improved, and you are open to new experiences! Don’t wait anymore. Call (405) 843-1551 to book your appointment!