Connie Edmondson from  Edmondson Counseling Services is an Oklahoma City OK psychotherapist who offers her help to people who want to improve their mental and psychological health. She is someone on whom you can rely to you heal your soul and your life. She has been providing her valuable services since 1990, and her extensive experience, qualifications as well as talent for providing solutions to difficult life problems have made her one of the most respected specialist in her field of work.

As a psychoterapist I can help you with my knowledge

The first session always consists in gathering of information about you such as your medical history and previous treatments. According to your individual circumstances, Connie Edmondson will then decide how to proceed with your treatment. I am a highly reputable psychotherapistAs a psychotherapist, Connie Edmondson from  Edmondson Counseling Services in Oklahoma City OK knows what questions to ask and how to listen. She also knows how to answer in a delicate, respectful and expert manner. Sometimes the psychotherapy may be accompanied by prescription of limited amounts of medication, whose use will be closely monitored.

Connie Edmondson can be useful in a number of cases such as addictions, eating disorders, personality disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, insomnia, and clinical depression. She can also provide assistance with issues like, for example conflict resolution, ability to cope with major life changes and stress. Her methods of work enable individuals to come to terms with such traumatic events as loss of a job, death of a loved one or divorce. The treatment is carried out in a protected and comfortable environment.

Connie Edmondson from  Edmondson Counseling Services in Oklahoma City OK is particularly good at youth counseling and family therapy. She is highly educated as well as experienced for the job and has the right approach to each individual patient and case.

Turn to Edmondson Counseling Services in Oklahoma City OK also when you need couple therapy. Connie Edmondson takes her role as a couple counselor very seriously as she knows how crucial a happy relationship is for a happy life. Call her today at (405) 843-1551 for if you want to enjoy better mental as well as psychological health and success in every aspect of your life.