Who is Connie Edmondson and Why Book a Therapy Session With Her?

Are You Looking for a Licensed Counselor That You Can Trust?

Hello friends, welcome to the blog page of Edmondson Counseling Services! I would like to introduce myself and tell you bit more about my couples counseling practice. I believe that in order for a person to establish a good relationship with a therapist and feel comfortable sharing his experience and secrets, it is important to know a bit about this counselor in advance. This is why I would like to give you some information about my education and practice first.

I graduated as a Clinical Social Worker in 1988, and 2 years later, I started my career as a therapist in Oklahoma City, OK. I am mainly working with adults who need depression and anxiety management help, are recovering from traumatic life-changing events, or have problems with their intimate relationships, friendships, or professional relationships. I help individuals that have a hard time to find out what best motivates them in achieving their unique personal goals.

There are a few reasons why you may like to hire a counselor like me:

  • You feel that your self-confidence or relationship with other people in your intimate or social circles could be improved.
  • You may want to find relief from more serious medical conditions such as depression and anxiety
  • You may want expert help and guidance to overcome the difficulties you have when recovering from a traumatic life event.
  • You need to improve your mental health condition.
  • You want to improve your current marriage/relationship or want to enter a new one after overcoming your fears of abandonment.

As a counselor, I can give you the insight, advice, and encouragement you need to find your own answers. You will be the one that has to make all the decisions! To book an appointment, call me at (405) 843-1551!